A Diamond In The Rough



Knife to meet you!


Unlike knife IN the back.


Inigo Montoya needed this shirt.


No one carries their sword on their back, anymore.


Tell me more about the potions.


Getting this to get the attention of a boy who never stops talking and who loves minecraft.


The sword is +8 vs Apple II monsters.


That will not work for me. I’m left handed.


Turn the shirt inside out.


Sharp and shiny = swell.


No boys 12? Already? Were they never printed?


Well since I didn’t get my Minecraft jack-o-lantern shirt at Halloween I will definitely get this for my Minecraft addicted daughter. She is always so proud of her Diamond swords.


Needs more Butter!


Men’s small has the same chest measurement, only a couple inches longer. Women’s small actually has smaller chest measure than the kids’ 12.




Cute shirt. Bought one for each of my minecraft junkies!


Minecraft jack-o-lantern shirt?? Do tell!


Nice Collin- I’m going to share this with a lot of my teacher/mom friendswith kids who would flip for this! Great work- hope it does well for you!


Nice, Collin!

Minecraft exploded because of multiplayer building but for me the solo adventure was always the draw. Diamond sword ftw.