A Familiar Flavor

Ah, deep fried fossils…

Yey! My vote still counts :wink:

Congrats Bro!

I really like the expressions on their faces. Great job :slight_smile:

This is hilarious! I insert the “tastes like chicken” whenever i can (alas sometimes inappropriately)! Next time i’m around people who woot! it’s gonna be “tastes like dinosaur”!

Dino-fil-a franchise opportunity.

How are they gonna get to the pieces at the bottom?

If everything tastes like chicken (or in this case, dinosaur), what does chicken (or in this case, dinosaur) taste like?

How did this shirt win a derby about evolution?

Dinosaurs saying “Tastes like Dinosaur”? Wouldn’t that be like us saying “Tastes like Mammal”?

I think it would have been funnier if the shirt said “Tastes like Pterodactyl”.

Because birds are dinosaurs- theropods to be exact. We know this through morphology (Alton Brown knew this back in the day) and genetics.

What makes this more horrifying is that means they’re eating a close relative. :open_mouth:

Or “Tastes like human”

Pangaea Fried Archaeopteryx, the Captain’s Secret Recipe.

So, there is evidence that birds are most closely related to theropods, but one of the leading counterarguments is that there is a missing link similar to that between humans and monkeys.

My point is, when I look at this shirt, dinosaurs are eating fried chicken just like we eat fried chicken today, therefore suggesting that birds haven’t evolved.

my thoughts exactly.yet another shirt that’s not or me.

MMMmmm… KFD- Nothing like Colonel Horn’s Original Original Recipe!


Love this shirt!

how about just like humans or the annoying two legged ones that bring tooth pick when we eat them . chicken has been done to death or to burnt.

In for one! This will make a great X-mas gift for my dinosaur-loving, chicken-eating wife!

Nature always finds a way!