A Familiar Flavor

So you don’t need creativity to produce a shirt. These are getting terribad.

Had to buy this after seeing mythbusters episode on whether certain foods (squab, rattler, squirrel) actually tasted like chicken

Lol. +1

makes me want to go get a bucket of chicken :slight_smile:

Thank you for the votes and comments everyone!

One of my biggest fears is printing when I didn’t deserve it - that I’m cheating woot and my fellow designers. I have really appreciated the Derby in that if I make a bad design, it doesn’t win, and I get almost immediate feedback on what people want and am able to improve.

That being said, the derby doesn’t work like it should when people aren’t voting.
I really wish more people would vote.

deja vu, all over again (well done)


This was absolutely a deserving print - it’s on the topic of evolution because birds evolved (not very far) from Dinosaurs, hence the taste. Congrats!

Also your art is rad and cool as usual.

Also also, I agree about the voting. I wish more people were still visiting and voting their favorites and posting their thoughts too.

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Why does it say this shirt was the worst seller with only 4 shirts sold?