A Feast for Craps

I’ve seen that literally 12 times and have yet to get one. The point you’re trying to make is completely invalid.

drats! so close!

Finally! Yay! :smiley:

Oh. My. $DEITY. FINALLY! I’m the Texas BOCer.

Saw it had it in my cart and still no dice. Which I could get a screen shot of the sold out ones sitting in the cart

i wonder how many there are per bunnies ogling carrots per woot, in total. I bet there will be a bunch of cancelled orders since its probably one one carrot per week.

“This item cannot be shipped to AE. Please remove this item from your order.”

What the Crap, Woot!!! When did this happen!? Trying to get a Bag of Crap is the only reason I stay on Woot…

Why does Woot hate the military so??? ::cries softly in corner::

Is anyone really winning these? Or is woot! just selling one at a time? I’ve grabbed one and added it to my cart a dozen times, wasted a dozen hours trying to catch one, and when I click proceed to checkout…it’s gone, sold out, even though I was able to select it. It is no longer a fun little challenge, it aggravating. Sorry to sound like a crybaby but I am wasting too much time.

Ha, got one. And first sucker no less, that’s my first time for that. Also gave me my 50th Woot!

GRRRRRRRRR been buying here for over 10 years and NEEEVERRR get the bag o crap, grrr still keep trying. One of these years I will get one.

Oh bag-o-cr@p you evade me again.

I can get the 100% available about 80% of the time, but the page reloads get slower the further into checking out I go. This one slowed down when I hit ‘proceed to check out’ didn’t even make the pay now button it.

It seems to me that it’s the same states that are getting the craps, give or take a few. My state is not one of them.


Yay! Score! 2 days of constantly trying with a 800mb/s internet connection and I finally got one. It is possible, just keep trying. Good luck to all!

I saw it…but pressing I WANT ONE only resulted in sadness.

At least someone from Arkansas scored one this time.

Like this? I had many lost chances… kept trying and trying. f5 the community, and click the image (just make sure you are logged in before previous item sells out)… at some point, your luck will work. :slight_smile:


Keep the faith fellow wooters!

After 2 days of trying the woot gods finally allowed me to partake in the crap.

I will say since they raised the price of the bag on top of making it harder to get …I do believe that if they don’t send out at least some decent stuff they are going to loose even more people…

FINALLY! Last Wooter to Woot!

Even if I don’t get one, hopefully they’ll name the final crappy woot-off for the day… “Totally Crapped Out”.