A Flying Fox



Thank you for the footnote.


I think I might need a fox shirt.


I hope flying foxes get added to the plushie line-up.


Another adorable fox. Now with wings!


Cow goes moo.
Frog goes croak.
Elephant goes toot.
Fox says “I can fly!”


The footnote kind of ruined it for me. Joke’s not funny when you have to explain it.


sad nod I hope it does well with others, but for multiple reasons including this one, this Fable-Fox shirt isn’t for me. :frowning:


Agreed. I could have accepted the footnote if it had been a real flying fox, though. (Plenty of adorable foxes, the world needs more adorable bats!)


Nope, tried, can’t resist. Oh Fablefire, please do a BAT!


Methinks this was a shirt that missed the Fig. 1 Derby. Works either way.


Cute, wanted it, but the footnote killed it for me.

Also, +1 for giant fruit bats.


WOO! Much thanks to everyone who supported the design! :smiley:

And absolutely not. It was not left over from the Fig 1 derby. The subtext helped frame the design better and made it more visually appealing to me.

It also saves me the hassle of having to explain myself to others. I can already tell if someone gets it at first glance. I’d rather someone look at the shirt, go “what?”, then see the subtext and smile or laugh, followed by, “oh I get it. cute.” So now I’m happy AND they’re happy. Everybody wins. Unless they’re one of those moms who looks at me with disgust and disapproval when they finally figure it out. XD

And fruit bats noted.


It’s sold relatively well on a few levels, so I’d say you certainly did something right with it. :slight_smile: Mebby the next one will be more my style, huh?


I love fables foxes… As soon as I saw this one … Had to have it