A Forbidden Love

Nooooooo, you’ve ruined rampage!

Interspecies Love - tolerance for all

…which one’s the girl?

yea… no. i dont know if there’s anywhere you can wear this shirt and it wouldnt be awkward.

hmm… maybe tokyo?

Is this homosexual or beastiality?

Is Fay Wray jealous of Godzilla?

Epic Rampage reference. Man, I spent HOURS AND HOURS beating that game only to get “CONGRATURATIONS” to scroll by at the end. Huge letdown.

Wow, I can honestly say now that I have been profoundly disturbed by this image.

At least the slobber will put out the fires…

People already question my sexuality. This shirt would either show them I don’t care and would make me look really straight or it would just confirm what everyone already thinks.

So who’s pitching and who’s catching?

This is just disgusting. I can’t believe Shirt.Woot published this, THUMBS DOWN!

And just like that, Fleetwood Mac teaches us a lesson.

Forgive the pun but, “some like it hot”.


My only problem with the design is that godzilla’s tongue isn’t forked

tongues ruin it - wouldnt Godzilla have a lizard type tongue anyway?

I always said they would eventually re-make Godzilla versus King Kong.

But never in such a sweet manor.

Thank you woot gods!

most disturbing woot shirt ever.

Eww. Just eww.

Looks like my ex-wife found someone new. Well, good for her.

You know how the wine.woot offerings contain a list of places you can’t ship the wine to due to state restrictions? I’m almost surprised there isn’t a similar listing for this shirt with regard to local obscenity laws.