A Gaggle Of Cases

On the Targus overnight business case - c’mon, Woot, the “Specs” tab should include measurements, not just the model number!!

But I found them:
Height: 18.5"
Width: 13.8"
Depth: 8.7"

… which easily meets carry-on requirements.

Amazon price is much higher, highly rated elsewhere … in for one!

Will the Solo TCC224-4/20 Active Collection Kindle Fire and Nexus 7 Tablet Case work with the Nexus 7 (2013) or only the 2012?

Should I assume that the Solo TCC224-4/20 only fits seven inch Kindle Fire models? Looking for a case for a Kindle Fire HD 6, 2014 model.

Apparently no one knows and/or there is so little profit for them to make that they don’t bother having someone follow the discussions.

Based on the pictures, 2012. I have one. It sucks. The case border is far too big, covering active parts of the screen making it hard (“impossible”) to swipe the edges of the tablet. It’ll certainly protect the tablet in transit, and provide a stand for watching something, but trying to interact with the tablet while in this thing will simply drive you mad.

Agreed. It sucks. I bought one from Woot. It does fit the 2013 model, but it covers the camera. So, if yo use your’s to take video, you are SOL. It was a waste of money.