A Game of Craps


A Game of Craps
Price: $5
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Thursday, Jan 22 to Friday, Jan 23) + transit
Condition: Really Crappy


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I’m giving up…not gonna happen


0-43… I was pretty confident I had that one. Oh well

Was there one?

Score! My BOC dry spell is over.


seriously…not even a pretense of having a chance… JOKE

Trying for 2 days, Crap finally achieved!

fwiw, I switched from Firefox to Chrome just for craps and giggles, and that’s when I finally got through.

Good luck fellow crappers!

Do we know how many of these they’re putting out each time? I didn’t even SEE that one, so I’m thinking One BOC?

was there even a BOC? I bought a speaker, refreshed, saw BOC sold out??? like in less than 10 seconds.

Woohoo finally got one after all day. Woot brought down the production of the US today because of this.

1 at a time :frowning:

Odd. I USED to know how this is done. Have scored a few of these in my 10+ years of Wooting. Refresh, refresh, refresh, and BOOM! The next item comes up shortly after the sell-out. Now I appear to just refresh the sold-out item without advancing to the next.

About damn time I got my BOC !!! All our bot conspiracy theorists, I did NOT use a bot and went through the Community page. I have been patient and practicing all day. It finally paid off!

The Bag of Crap is possible for us human folk!

Does anyone have any tips of how they get them?

These steps work… If you have any questions let me know.
[] When the current item is 5-10% middle click (or use a different window) and click the Your Account link. If you are logged in you will be taken directly to your account, otherwise if prompted login.
] Use your woot account and woot payments, not amazon (they require an extra purchase step/delay a little and with only 10 it will probably sell out before then)
[] When it is at 1-3% switch to the Woot community page.
] Change sort order to sort by date instead of sort by last post. (If you do by date the newest item is always on top)
[] Hit F5 until the top item is a picture of a BOC.
] Click that BOC and buy quickly.

Or you can just do it the way we’ve always done it… There are just 10 per listing so its harder…

Like I said above, Chrome seemed considerably faster for me than Firefox. Whether it made a difference or was a placebo effect, hey, worth a shot, right?