A Good Night's Sleep

Has anyone owned one of these? How firm are they?

Good morning! I am from the manufacturer and would love to help. This is our best selling mattress because of feel. The top 2" of memory foam offers that substantial depth of feel that’s associated with memory foam while the engineered latex under that provides a good firm support. So, on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being firm, I would say this is a cushion firm, 6.5. Not rock hard and not to soft.

I would like to know more about the frame warranty and in home service warranty. If a motor fails how long does the warranty cover this? Is it covered with the in home repair?
What happens if the bed arrives and is not what the consumer expected it to be or fails to live up to the description in the product details?
I am extremely interested but buying something for over 2 grand sight unseen on woot is scary. What protections am I provided?

Can you tell us what the actual densities of the layers are?

Has this been wooted before? If so, does anyone have a previous discussion link?

I purchased the queen set last year. Love the base… hate the mattress (I hope they’ve upgraded the mattress since I bought mine).

I wrote a review on Amazon here: