A Hodge Podge Of Tools

Was looking for reviews on the LED camp lantern. Found on the mother ship…A seller offering for less than $12 to your door.

Stalwart 75-20410-2 Metal Body Razor Blade Utility Knife.

I still think it looks a lot like ones available from a dollar store. But at 68% off, how are we supposed to resist?

Trademark AAC2002-75-AN900 Absolutely NewT Patented Stretch-Grip Pliers

received these the other day, the are akin to a hillbilly who has never seen a dentist a day in his life. aka, not flush at all, very heavy duty but they seem to have the worst teeth on both sets of pliers i have ever seen. not worth the money imo.

Stalwart 75-2250 Mobile Workshop and Toolbox
Whatever you do DO NOT ORDER this item. I have received 2 with the top latches busted off because this is just thrown in a box and shipped without any padding to protect them.
Absolutely love the item if I could receive it with the latches intact.

There used to be Sylvania branded lanterns using this body and globe but they had a single more powerful ‘star’ LED with high/low/off settings. This one says it has four LEDs; They are probably the less expensive bulb types,like they use in flashlights with a ‘matrix’ of little LEDs.

I’d bet this gives good runtime, but less light than the Sylvanias. But if you are into modding lanterns, it might make an inexpensive platform to work with.

The Sylvanias were clearanced at Menards a few years ago for $4.95 apiece (originally $19.95)

Stalwart 72-GT158 Magnifying Head Visor

Very disappointed with this item. Plastic headband snapped while I was adjusting to fit. Quality is very low, would not recommend to anyone.

Very sorry about that- you have a 90 day warranty with us, did you contact our support team? You can do so using the support tab above or by emailing support@woot.com directly.

FYI - I purchased the Whetstone 75-FL58 15 LED Flashlight with Laser Pointer as a stocking stuffer for my son since he’s all into camo. Well it was delivered today, and it’s black.

Color me not happy.

I’m very very sorry about that- if you haven’t already, please email support at support@woot.com, or use the support tab towards the top of the page.