A Hole Would Be Something

Ah, there is probably a never-ending list of people who will like this shirt and that story.

Why did they have to kill the horse?! That’s one wound that will never heal. T__T

I’m afraid of nothing!

Who’s this ‘tgentry’ guy? I kid, gratz, Travis! It was nice to not have to ask about a references to tag Shirtblr, for once.

If you haven’t read the book, do it.


There are Ferris Bueller fans who would excoriate me for saying so, but The Neverending Story IS the ultimate playing-hookey movie.


What horse? I don’t see any horse on this shirt. Or is that just “Horse Shirt”? And who are “they” that killed this horse? I don’t get it…

Agreed, it’s great!

Are you trolling?! Just in case, it’s a reference to the Neverending Story film on which this shirt is based. Please just watch it like the rest of us did and be emotionally scarred for life.

[SPOILER ALERT!] In it, a horse meets a rather unfortunate end in the Swamps of Sadness. When I was kid I’d scream and cry during that scene and my parents would have to switch it off and back on after the Artax bit was over.

Actually, it appears that it’s Bastian, not Atreyu, featured on this shirt so Artax wouldn’t even make sense. Here I go, nerding out on some Neverending Story comment board…

Yeah, but at the end when Sebastian has the power to recreate the world, you see him fly over Artax on the horse again, so to me that meant his imagination had undone the death. Technically we never saw the horse dead, just swallowed up in that quicksand. He could have had an invisible straw to breathe through.

That’s what my child-brain decided happpened, anyway.


I’d be all over this if not for the terribly plain typography. Boo. =p

Thanks for the response. I’m a 70 year old codger that doesn’t see many movies, so I appreciate your taking the trouble to let me know what it was about. It doesn’t really sound like my type of movie, but if I see it coming on, I’ll make a point of watching it.

The last two times I have visited a certain grocery store (Kroger), they played the theme song and I geeked out. In for one of these since it’s one of my favorite movies/stories. I recently buried my dog, Bastian, after about a dozen years…

The Rock Biter talking about his “big, good, strong hands” is up there with the loss of Artax as well. It’s a miracle that any of us survived childhood with such uplifting movie moments. Tomorrow’s shirt will probably feature the tale of Old Yeller.

Congrats tgentry!