A Horrible Accident

How do we we know he isn’t grabbing not pushing. People just assume the worst…

Lassie’s not supposed to push Timmy down the well…She’s supposed to lay the smackdown on the mountain lion!

LOL my friend was telling me that it looked like the dog is sticking a little ninja star where the sun doesn’t shine. =/ I think I might have jumped too.

What’s that girl? You’re right, this shirt IS awesome.

In for one.

Timmy stuck his head in that stupid well one too many times…

I love the idea that Lassie is whistling during the crime. That carefree attitude is a nice touch.

Timmy was leaning way over into the well. HE WAS ASKING FOR IT!

I like the idea, but the hazy, half-toned dark brown lines ruin it for me. Makes the viewer think they need glasses.

Good concept, but pass on technical difficulties.

The punchline on this writeup is perfect.

Lassie was quite the “b*tch” during the show, I guess this shirt confirms it.

Another three-for-three weekend. And in nearly three years, my first white woot shirt.

Well, ok, it’ll probably only be white when it arrives. It’ll be “light silver” by the time it goes through the first wash with all my black woot shirts.

this is awesome and I said I’d buy it but then I had to buy yesterdays one…

Damn you woot and your consistent quality, when will you give me a break!?

Beautiful blasphemy

Machiavellian folly,
Michaelevans’ felon collie.

thanks for the great chuckle to end a very long day. i guess it’s gonna be “lassie GO home” now, eh?

I’ll order it anyway (mainly because it’s white), but I wish it didn’t have the little “shove” mark.

My three randoms arrived with the hurricane today, and they were terrific. Now there’s this, and it’s hard to figure out which is better: the shirt or the write-up. Nice.

I wonder if Lassie is whistling the theme song.

I think the whistle is more about feigning innocence than a carefree attitude. :wink: