A is for 80s

A – A-Team
B – Back to the Future
C – Centipede
D – Def Leppard
E – ET
F – Speed Racer?
G – Ghost Busters
H – He-Man
I – Indiana Jones
J - Michael Jackson? zipper jacket and white glove?
K – Karate Kid
L – Lunar Lander
M – Mario
N – Nickelodeon
O – Oregon Trail?
P – Pac-Man
Q – Q-Bert
R – ?? The R from R*Type video game would have been better
S – Star Wars
T - ? The T from Tron would have been better
U - ??
V – Van Halen
W - ? W from WWF would have been perfect here
X - ??
Y -??
Z – Zelda

All of those look great! Here are the ones you missed:

F is Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
R is Robotech
T is actually Tron (original logo)
U is U2 (Joshua Tree)
W is Wham!
X is XTC
Y is Yes (the band)