A Little Help

Poor little penguin. A funny, yet futile, attempt to fly.

Great work, Patrickspens. A simple design that conveys so much.

Don’t trust that guy, he’s down to just one balloon but he’s going to try to knock you down into the giant fish.

Poor little guy he’s trying so hard.

thinks patrickspens should give this adorable guy a starring role in a children’s book!

He won’t be so adorable if he poops on your head.
Yeah, I know that expression.

Looks just like a children’s book I wrote/drew for my niece :slight_smile:


I should buy her this shirt, lol.

It says free shipping in my woot app but I see a shipping fee. Am I missing something here?

Or you could submit your own book’s design into a new shirt. It looks great!

Always glad to see penguins return to their shirt home

Just got mine in and I have to say I’m pretty disappointed.

Shirt.Woot has been a long source of my shirts, but the quality is just terrible. The quality of the shirts has been going downhill ever since they stopped being American Apparel. The printing quality also seems pretty terrible. Light and Dark colors are slathered on so thick that they have texture. I hate wearing shirts like this.

The past 2 or 3 shirts I’ve gotten have been printed like this. I guess I’m going to have to find a new shirt outlet. Any suggestions that still have high quality products?

Can you post pics about what you mean by texture? It may be defective.

Regarding the blanks, my .sig is clickable.

We are trying to help similar birds and your shirt gets this point across in coincidence…
Buy this shirt in support of birds that cannot fly and may need to call ASAP Utah.