A Little Too (Golf) Iron-ic

The main image looks like a set of Wilson Staff Ci11 irons but I don’t see them listed for sale (or maybe I am just blind and can’t see them).

Woot, why do you always do this???

(1) Tour Edge Golf E5SRSU4A Exotics XCG5 Iron Set 4AW MRH X-Lite 95 Steel includes:
•Putting Wedge
•Approach Wedge

A “PUTTING WEDGE”…awesome, been looking for a good putting WEDGE…I expect Scotty Cameron will be making a copy of this fairly quickly!

but all you needed was a knife…

Agreed! Lured by bait! It was like those Adirondack chairs…which turned out to be the Ottoman only! That was probably a bigger fail, however.

Only one set of the Adams Super S?

Aw maaaaaannn…

I don’t know if deceitful is the word I would use to describe this but it’s definitely clickbait.

It’s a real shame. I’ve had my eye on those Wilson’s for awhile now.

Awww I just recently purchased a full set of the ladies. All I can say is OMG :slight_smile:

Has anyone who bought a set get a shipping confirmation yet? 10 business days and nothing. Emailed customer service and got a generic takes 3 to 8 days.

Same here. generic response. no shipment notification yet…

So emailed Customer service twice and no response other than the standard “Thanks”. Clubs haven’t shipped yet. Has anyone receied their order?

Same boat

Finally got an email from woot. They are giving me a refund. Apparently they have no more to ship out. Just thought I’d post an update for those in the same boat.

I’m still getting thank you for being patient. I am beyond being patient. Since 2008, I’ve bought over forty items on a Woot without an issue. Customer service blows!

I’m sorry to hear that you have not found a resolve to the issue you’re experiencing.

I’ve gone ahead and forwarded your post and information along to Woot Member Services to help investigate the issue.

Thank you for your continued patience while they are attending to the issue.