A Long Time Ago in a Land Down, Down Under

Why do I keep checking shirt.woot every day when I know I can’t buy any of the shirts? I just set myself up for disappointment. :frowning:

stupid funky sized anvil tees.

Koalas AND Star Wars?!?!?!?! boggles It’s like the shirt was made for me! Insta-buy! :slight_smile:

Colin Hay is currently touring - just saw him Saturday night! - and if you’re into the sole singer/songwriter type, you should look him up (he’s heading to TX , Woot people, and PA and other places in the near future!); you’ll have a good evening, I promise! He’s good with the banter and the singing, funny and self-deprecating. He ends with a song from his Men at Work days, “Down Under.” Yup, I had to get to the t-shirt tie-in eventually!

I’m glad that someone else knows the lyrics to the song.

Oh good, something else star wars themed. At least it doesn’t have a cat on it.

The Saga Begins - Weird Al

The title made me think of that, but what’s this about zombies?

The Hunger Games: Down Under!

This explains why we don’t have ewoks in the present day. Debilitating syphilis. Thanks for nothing, koalas.

I guess I’ll do it then.

Title should have been: A Land Down Endor

I just am posting this here hoping someone from shirtwoot will see. I sent in two e-mails on it. I got a shirt in the mail yesterday. Wrong size. Three in the mail today. Two of them the wrong size. I have ordered many hundreds of woot shirts. Not kidding I have more than enough woot shirts to wear a different one every day of the year plus I buy them as gifts for friends and family. This is the first time that has happened but now I have three I really wanted that are a men’s large when I wanted a women’s large. I look silly in a men’s large.:(I think one is already reckoned off, and the others in danger so is this even something I can exchange? and it costs me to send them all back?)

Hm… while it is a well illustrated idea, that isn’t cartoonish in its depiction of the animal, it is still going for the adorable factor. It’s been a long line of adorable and/or cutesy, hasn’t it? Of course that isn’t the fault of the artist, who did a great job.

The change to koala is nice though. I like koalas, though not enough to buy on brown. Not my colour.

Are you sure they are the wrong size and not just the new Anvil blanks? With the new blanks, a women’s large is about the same size as an American Apparel men’s large. If you were an AA WL, you should probably order a WS in the Anvil blanks.

Starting to fade, it’s starting to come back to me now, back to Australia, not the Australia they teach you about the cities, the outback. No, the real Australia, the smoking caves, the gods who eat mountains, the flying dragons, the rivers of gold, the leopard queen! Taunting me, almost an enemy, beautiful and feral as the great beasts she rose with still she inspires me, for her, I can be–a hero!

“Aw geez, who writes this crap?”

Damn. I was talking out loud again.

That baby koala is a mommy-poo eater. I hope he just lost 8 cool points.

But it’s a very cute shirt, despite my fear of Ewoks…

Also, did you know the word Ewok was never said in a Star Wars film?

I’m very much reminded of the old Sacajawea Dollar coins.

So…is this shirt a copy of the image the Ewoks used on their Endorian coins?


I just got my first tee on Anvil in WS and it’s a much, much bigger than the AA WS. Also bells out from the waist and has an odd fit in the shoulders. Not a fan. sigh

Woo hoo! I finally get to try out the new shirts! Womens size instead of mens because the womens sizes are finally big enough! Hurray!

Oh, and the design is cool, too. It will be interesting to see how many people actually understand it when I wear it.

Edit: Bought a WXL. I get a men’s L in the old AA tees. Since I’m gearing up for some baby making, I figure if the WXL is too big right now, it won’t be for long! Pregnancy = bigger boobage! So then I can wear it until the baby bump makes it too tight, not because the boobs have made it too tight. Hehe!

I’d like to get this, but I’m afraid because of the new blanks. I’ve seen so much information on the forums about how sizes have changed and I’m finding it really difficult to come up with a straight answer as to what size I am now. So maybe someone here can help me.

If an old women’s medium fit well, and I want to stick with women’s shirts, what do I order now?

In general people have been ordering sizes down to get best results (I wore a WXL and now am in the WM category, personally, but my shape is not everyone’s shape).

Your best bet always is a measuring tape (they are way cheap and easy to get) - measure current shirts that fit well, look at the measurements on the chart, and even measure yourself!

Always be measuring for best results. :slight_smile:

One thing to beware of; you will be losing significant length in the new WXL as opposed to the AA men’s XL. And word on the street (that is to say, in the “Let’s Talk Lady Sizes” thread) is that the new women’s shirts lose a great deal of length to shrinkage. You might not want to put the new shirt in the dryer, unless you are looking to start a “pregnant-belly-hanging-out trend”…