A Loving Tribute

This is touching. Very beautiful; very sad.

Don’t make me cry, shirtwoot.

If I didn’t already own more t-shirts than there are days in the year, I would SO be buying this!

I am glad this is not a nude wookie pinup.

He’s painting over that. ;p

As a tribute, it is much more appropriate in her white, angel-like robe than in the bikini outfit.

And why should owning such a small quantity of t-shirts stop you? :slight_smile:

OK, so this brings the feels. Well done.

I don’t think I’ve ever come across a shirt that made me shed a tear.

It’s cute, it’s sad but it’s wrong. Han is dead, killed in the last round of "Star Wars has Daddy issues " It should have been Chewy or R2D2 or Mr. Lucas.

68 year old here. My wife of 40 years, who loved Star Wars died not long ago. This shirt did not bring a tear it brought a flood of tears. Tears for my wife as well as the loss of Carrie. Tears are a tribute to the person who is lost. A simple, very well done shirt. Chris, thank you for creating this.

My thoughts exactly. Had Han not died it would be perfect. Totally needs Chewie putting both their images up there.

Your dedication and devotion clearly shines through in this post. Thank you for sharing.

This is clearly the Han from Empire or Return. :slight_smile: There, problem solved.

I would love if the specs on Standard vs. Premium included whether or not that option has a physical tag vs. if it’s printed on the fabric.

I have a small collection of woot shirts, but I hate them a little bit more every time I fold/wear one because of those tags. So if “premium” meant “no tag”… well, that would be well worth a three dollar difference.

You and jdewan both must be loads of fun at parties.

That’s a pose very close to the Memphis Belle nose art. I like it!

The ‘premium’ shirts were rolled out just this past weekend, replacing the American Apparel shirts as they will cease to exist. :frowning:

The biggest difference between the standard (Anvil and the premium (Bella / Canvas) blanks is the fabric and the cut; the discussion thread is linked in my .sig. They do have tags, but can be easily removed (tear-away).

Except she should be facing forward, which is traditional on aircraft nose art.