A Minor Setback

Penguins are making a comeback…cute + funny.


Penguins need science.

He needs to put some ice on that…

That’s really sad. Congrats on the print!

You are so talented! Looking forward to more great designs

Also, thank you for the votes!

Radscoolian, step away from the sugar.

Do you take requests?

How about an “I can’t wait for Game of Thrones” penguin?

They need fresher water balloons, the old ones get stale and hard.

YouTube comments got NOTHIN on Woot!

The comments are making me cry. I love your little penguin – is he going to get grumpy if I call him cute?

Anyway, the t-shirt is great but I especially love the touch of the little penguins circling over his head.

dammit, in for one

Ditto on loving the little penguins. And swirly eyes? My husband is gonna kill me but gotta have one.

Awesome design ace- Glad this one took first! Love the ice balloons-

Are we allowed to draw lil penguin comments too?>!?>!>!