A Minor Setback

hahaha this shirt is awesome

Who threw the balloon?

This shirt gives me great ideas, for next winter.


Rad Rads! Love it. And you. And penguins. Yay Friday!

And to think – we were here to witness the creation of the Whiny Penguin meme…

shouldn’t there be a joke about various linux distros here?

We gotta keep the train rolling people…

The penguins flying in circles was cute, but since when can penguins fly?

Oh wait - I stand corrected: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zTx8Y3GHwYw

Don’t call it a comeback, they’ve been here for years.

Hearty congratulifications, good sir. This will make for a very fine shirt.

This must be taken within microseconds of hitting the ground… that balloon would not still be stretched around the frozen mass if it were torn open. Ugh, I’m so sick of penguins defying reality.

I was hoping this would have been more a reference to the the old Penguin Wars arcade/gameboy game.

Why wouldn’t the latex stick to ice?

Radscooligan, don’t freak out, but… I think I love you.

Let’s see… Paper covers rock… Rock breaks scissor… Scissor cuts paper… Latex sticks to ice.

The answer is because the balloons are made of silicone.

I liked this entry a lot. Congrats on the print!

Woot, Please make a special shirt Radscoolian can customize with his penguins: peel away images. If the top one doesn’t suit the need, you peel down to the one that does. :smiley:

Good job Radscoolian! Love your work here.

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Do penguins laugh, 'cause I did ; )