A Mishmash of Gaming Headsets

I have the steelseries v2 and the kraken but the 7.1. The steelseries v2 are comfortable and sound nice but they are very loud outside of the headphones too so if you play music and games anywhere where there are people around you, they will hear it.

The razer headset I cant comment on the sound because I have the 7.1 (sounds amazing) but the build of it seems solid and its comfortable, the cups on the ear are so tight and sound they actually create a noise canceling like atmosphere.

Wooooooot! I’ve been wanting a Razer Tiamat 7.1 headset for so long, but they’re sold out! Can’t you weave your WootMagic™ and find some more?

Also available from mothership for those Prime-enabled

Razer Blackshark