A Mixture of HP Desktops

Buyer Beware!

I bought an HP refurb like this one a year ago January. I noticed the warranty was 90 days. At about that time, I get a popup from HP wanting to sell me an extended warranty, which I ignored. Shortly afterward, the hard drive started crashing continuously, until I finally ripped it out and am installing a new SSD in its place.
I emailed HP, and railed upon them over their terrible product, and didn’t even receive a reply. No more for HP me!

You can get a bad one in ANY brand…especially in a refurb…makes no sense to trash an entire brand…the number ONE selling brand in pc`s I might add,simply because your refurb only lasted a year…good grief.

For the second time in seventeen days, Woot! sent the wrong computer. I ordered an HP Pavillion in a tower case with 8GB of RAM, a 3.4GHz quad-AMD CPU and a 2TB hard drive. Woot! sent an all-in-one with much, much lower specifications. I think I’m done with Woot! Once, I can deal with. But with two computers received in 17 days, both much lower-end models than what I’d purchased, I realize this is not just an isolated incident. And, when I asked Woot! to explain, I received no explanation, just boilerplate text and an RMA number.

Is anyone up for a Woot! or Amazon.com boycott? Is anyone up for a “Boycott Woot!” public facebook page? A Twitter campaign?

Sorry to hear that you encountered the same issue again. You most certainly shouldn’t have received the wrong model again.

I’ll go ahead and forward your post and information along to Woot Staff to help investigate.

We greatly appreciate you patience during this matter and any inconveniences you may have experienced.