a mod for EBW


I believe EBW needs a mod for the following reasons:

  1. Closing threads
  2. Stopping spammers before they get to far - we use these threads alot more than the gods.

If you agree, think of other reasons please post them here and we’ll send this as a “petition” to the wootgods.


Honestly, I think we, as members, do a pretty good job of keeping the place clean. A system exists for reporting problem children - and while it may not work immediately, it works.

As far as one of us (or even a single mod) closing threads - I believe that would become even more contentious than it has been in the recent past.


why do you say contentious?

from what I remember ace saying… from when the mod presses “lock thread” there is a 5 second to 5 minute delay and people can still post upto the server actually locking the thread


You can’t close a thread when you are involved in it. It just doesn’t work. That is why I think the computer should be programed to close the long threads and keep the people (Mods) out of it.
Mods have gotten grief for locking the long threads here loads of times. We disagree in what we think is fair, so how can they decide?
Yes there is a delay, so nobody knows who will get last post.

As for the fools…we report them and they are gone. It works.


Waddaya mean? I’m still here!


sure you can… you just continue the conversation in the new one and hope that cruzer or kt is lurking




I don’t think a special mod is needed here…
I’ve never been too caught up in the last post business, so I don’t really care when they close an extended thread. If it’s a subject people want to continue, even if the thread has been cut off at 50 or 100 pages, another version (or two) has always opened within 24 hours or so.

I think we’re collectively pretty good at recognizing and ostracizing or pummelling a spam thread when it pops up. It may linger awhile, but if reported the WG’s seem to eventually respond.

I’m just glad that woot! is kind enough to let us post our drivel here on their bandwidth, even if they are brainwashing us all into having black squares…



Never! Clear square forever!


I, for one, like the idea of a mod in EBW. I, for two, volunteer :-). I, for three, will then put myself in probation.





I think you’ve been Californicated!!!


Hahahahaha, It’s funny, I was singing that song to myself this morning on the way to work!