A Modern Bedtime Story

Got to love the baby whale.

If you thought Moby was big… imagine his mom.

Also… a precursor tee (of sorts) to next week’s derby.

Thank you everyone who voted!

Woot! :slight_smile:

I wish I could speak whale.

A comforting sight to the baby so…meet the non fail whale!!!

(are you my mother???)

No, I am a Shirt.

^^^^(wanted it to have a strikethrough the word “Snort” before shirt, but i couldn’t get it to HTML correctly. Bummed.)

Baaaaaaby Belugaaa!!! …Sorry I had a Raffi flashback of my childhood.

Well, isn’t this a whale of a tale.

Is it just me, or did anyone else think the “mother” was a 3DS at first glance?
Maybe I need new glasses or, more likely, just need to go to bed.

I just got up and I had the same thought, so it’s not because of a lack of sleep.

Me too…I got a lot of sleep.

O.m.g. kindergarten flooding back to me. Thank you for this.

Congrats tbolt86!

So, now we’re doing gradients?

Or a tale of a whale!

Ah! I wish there was a onesie!

Please get out of the inside of my head, thank you.

Also, thank you for being there.

Also also, BBCode ain’t full HTML, so not your fault.

Y’know, I kinda’ think the baby whale has a similar body outline to the Twitter bird…not sure if intentional or not.