A Most Civilized Game

Moustaches seems to be all I have left to say. And that my family had to stop playing Risk together because it was too much ‘fun.’ And I once had a cat who would step onto the board and start pushing dice through armies. She always won. So I suspect these cats will not be in their civilized poses for long.

Hmm, yes, indeed a 42 minute delay is odd, but that is what happens when monkeys are put in charge of the internet. It would have been 42 seconds if cats were in charge.

Awesome Risk! I wish, we could get this in a Poster, would buy in a heart beat.

//edit, nevermind looks like the designer doesn’t offer prints anywhere. Still awesome.

If my puppy were in charge, she’d still be licking the internet enthusiastically. (Instead, she is trying to dig a hole in the sofa.)

What worries me most is 42 minutes to first purchase. Narfcake once calculated and established that server errors on a shirt’s debut day really hurt sales. Everything still seem rickety around here; let’s hope the servers stabilize soon.

Especially if said poster was printed on velvet.

World domination, like a sir.

Congratulations, ramyb, for getting prints on two sites on the same day! I’m not naming names, but it rhymes with Brie Flurry.

Like a snowstorm of cheese.

That would be awesome, but paper would also be fine (since I would dry matte it and put it over my TV). Love this design.

Was a huge risk fan during back during the college years.

I would buy this if it wasn’t a black shirt. A tan color or gray or dark blue, but not black.

Please redo it without black. :slight_smile:

Personally, I think that this just shows how lazy and shiftless cats are. Who but a cat would have the time to commit to a full game of Risk? I tell ya, between lying in sunbeams and playing over-involved board games, cats have the easy life.

please…stop…I am powerless against you cats shirts. YOU will pay my property taxes this year.

Simply epic.

Well, according to ThunderThighs something with Amazon went kablooey and caused the problems. At least the way I understood it, the issue was much bigger than woot monkeys getting caught up in a fight between board game loving cats.

Numbers start to confuse me beyond 1+1 so I will defer to the experts for that stuff, but I have a hunch that a ramyb shirt with smart cats playing a popular board game won’t suffer terribly from the servers throwing up on themselves.

Nothing in my post blamed anyone for the server downtime; I merely continued the joke of the two posters above me who were comparing how long it would have taken various animals to get servers running by noting that my puppy would been a lousy sysadmin. I stand by my statement that my puppy would be a lousy sysadmin. :slight_smile:

As for the latter: intuition is not as reliable as statistics. Will Ramy sell some shirts today? Sure. Will Ramy sell as many shirts today as he would have if the servers were perfect? No, he will not. It’s okay if you don’t understand the math behind that argument, but the calculations and statistics are valid: server errors have a demonstrably negative impact on sales. If you’d like to refute the conclusion that server errors have a demonstrably negative effect on sales, with sales figures and calculations of your own, feel free to do so. If you’d like evidence that predictions based on intuition are actually wrong more often than they’re correct - well, I teach an entire undergrad course on that topic. I don’t have time to summarize an entire semester’s-worth of undergrad course material, but you’ll welcome to come sit in: we have a GREAT time!

Damn you woot. I want this T-Shirt, but I already own more than I can wear :frowning:

This shirt features everything I love: cats, top hats, and monocles.

Looks more like “Diplomacy” than “Risk”.

So cats have a south-up world perspective? I always knew they were weird, this just proves it.

What is better than a cat on a T-shirt? Hmmmm…well when the cats on the shirt have mustaches, I’d say that’s pretty awesome! In for 1 to make my 15 year old very happy. :stuck_out_tongue: Happy Friday wooters!