A New Generation

I love the little stuffed Chewbacca.

Oh, here we go.

What happened to second place in the derby?

How much is that Yoda in the window?

Nothing; this actually was the second place winner, but because it’s Sunday, the write up template thinks it’s third place.

Hey, congrats oakey! I like that this comes from a personal place for you and your kids. 2nd generation Star Wars fans, right?

May have to buy one for each of us to wear to the movie.

I stood in those lines in 1977, in great anticipation of the movie. Would be nice to share that feeling with my children, who are roughly the same age group that I was when the first one premiered. The second (first?) set of trilogies just didn’t have the same feel for me, nor were the kids old enough to get so excited about it.

I am so excited this printed. :slight_smile: Getting one for the whole family. Thanks everyone for your constant support!

Aye- My daughter is ALL IN, which is a special kind of excitement I didn’t know existed. It’s been so fun nerding her up with all the things I grew up with, but I CANNOT wait to share these new experiences with her. And though my son is too young to get the excitement, he is set up to grow in to it. He LOVES the space ship scenes- heh

So yeah- I pretty much drew the three of us waiting in line together. I’m a sap. haha

Love this- :slight_smile: Exactly! Star Wars, comic books, geeky movies- These are the new folklore we love to retell to our kids.