A New Hop

Great head gear to wear during those intergalactic football games!

No wonder their aim is soo bad.

Shoot the rebel!
Which one?
All of them!

Drunk storm troopers? Now there’s a party.

Beat me to it…Tatooine sand will really stick to the drippy bits. Sloppiness actually grinds down the Empire; this will come out eventually.

I’ve heard of that beer… The only thing drier than Dewback Dry is Tatooine.

With the ever looming threat of getting choked out by your superiors I’d probably become an alcoholic too.

I find their lack of sobriety disturbing.

I’ll admit, it took me a moment to get the joke in the title. Ahaha…you just took out an “e”. Clever woot.

If the can of beer said “A New Hop” on it I would be down for a hoodie. Bad when woot wins the joke.

Wondering if I can build this awesome contraption… (over to ebay to check mask prices)

I love fantasy beer shirts, but don’t think I can pull off a beer hat shirt regardless of the content. Give me a Dewback Dry label shirt any day, though!

My favorite fantasy beer label shirt is Red Hornet Ale. “A buzz in every bottle.”

I’m trying to figure out what it is, but the concept for this shirt is missing something. Perhaps a top ten on the back of the shirt, “Top Ten Reasons Imperial Storm Troopers Like Dewback Dry”. Or even keep it simple and just write, “The New Empire” or “No wonder their aim was so bad” on the back.

Out for now, but considering…

so…thats why they couldnt hit the broad side of star destroyer.

Dewback Dry? I just don’t get the reference.

Wookiepedia will help. This is all about the dew on the back of the dewback. The alcohol reference is the double holders (I think I have explained too much).

“While they had a reputation for being solitary animals,[5] wild dewbacks were also known to roam the seemingly endless deserts of Tatooine in single-file packs of two to five, searching for food and moisture during the day.[6] During the hours between First Twilight and dawn, as temperatures dropped, the dewbacks would become sluggish because they were cold-blooded.[5] To remain warm and conserve energy, the dewbacks huddled together. The dew that accumulated on their backs during the night was both a source of moisture in the morning and the origin of the species’s name.”

While I’m usually a sucker for Star Wars shirts (and the thrill of copyright/trademark infringement), this one just screams, ‘Meh.’

T-shirt is okay, but the description is what sells it. This is one of the funniest product descriptions on here.

Thanks for making my Monday, bruh.

I bet the stormtroopers have to drink beer because they can’t take shots properly.

Perfect for my brother’s birthday tomorrow- overnighting it to him :slight_smile:

Yeah, if the beer said “A New Hop” on it it’d be an insta-buy. As is it’s one of those shirts that people would just look at and be very confused. Or I don’t get the other joke. One of the two.