A Novel Idea

Awesome, congrats!

Since this is woot, I would guess those to be technical books not novels.

Where’s Wishbone?

That turtle is gonna have nightmares for awhile. He’s looking directly up at Tarzan’s Jungle. If you get what I am saying.

Does Sherlock Holmes really need that magnifying glass to see the octopus?

I’ve got a space cleared on my bookshelf for this one.

YAY! I wanted this. Bought one. Congrats tjost!

Yay, first sucker! :slight_smile:

Excellent job, tjost. I always want an excuse to buy a warm chocolate brown woot shirt.

DRAUG!!! you beat me to the first shirt YET AGAIN :slight_smile: I forgive you.

Thanks everyone, didn’t think I’d have enough time subbing this on Sunday to get the votes, I’m shocked right now but thats a good thing :slight_smile:

In the tree going after one of the apples!

like! except for the leaf covered adam and eve :slight_smile: don’t want to wear something with near-naked people in it.

A braille shirt! What a great idea!

Could be lots of fun…

personally not a fan of the square designs that take up the whole print area.

Just me.

Praying for some Noah’s Ark action this weekend.

one could propose these books are so great that they are flying off the shelf.

HAHAHAHA… EWWW… HAHAHAHHA I totally didn’t mean that :slight_smile:

I guess I’ll know if I look good in brown in a couple of days :slight_smile: Nice job!

If I wear this shirt does that count as my summer reading?

Congrats! This is an awesome design. In for one.

Hahahaha :slight_smile: I got a good laugh out of it!