A Peculiar Discovery

Ice discovery you got there.

The perspective in this is a little weird. the penguin on the ground looks like he’s looking next to or in front of the plant, rather than at it.

This shirt has a bit of an adorable overload…

maybe he just has a lazy eye :wink:

This looks amusingly like a Pucker.

Honestly, I would also take a Pucker print over this.

Is he trying to examine the plant, or torture some tiny ants crawling on it?

WALL-E is en route.

If this were Facebook, I so would have hit “Like.”

I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but I agree with you.

OMG penguin penguin penguin <3<3<3

I thought this shirt was cute. In for one, pretty sure it will sell out just like yesterdays.

how much does a penguin weigh? enough to break the ice… i’m byrbwr!

Ah, because of global warming.

As would I…

I’m also seriously getting a little ticked now as I’ve already had two comments removed. When did they start doing this?

I’ll admit…I personally like the cute stuff… Ducks for cover to avoid Draug, et.al. throwing things at me Still, just because it’s cute doesn’t necessarily mean it’s wearable…Maybe I could just save the larger image and make it my background. My computer can wear it!

I wonder how hard it is to hold a magnifying glass when you lack opposable thumbs

Does the shirt title refer to the plant, or to the fact that apparently penguins have for some time been acquainted with the art of lense-grinding?

They probably stole it from a science lab.

Pucker…maybe? or is this the contents of a whales gut? hmmmm