A perfect host and show


Mythbusters is one - But we know that. That australian guy used to be one - then the guy that got bit by the snake - he was cool too.

But the New Leader of hosts Is Mike Rowe.

He is the PERFECT guy for Dirty Jobs. When he says “Oh God” you know that deep inside, he’s desperately grabbing the last bit of Macho to keep from Upchucking on Camera. Which he’s done.

He bravely Tasted Ground Up Feed Sardines. And did it with Panache. Ground up Crab shells and Viscera? Ditto. Cleaned up a Sewage flooded Living room, and pooper scoopered the bowl? Yep.

Mike Rowe - You have my respect.

Tonight’s great Quote “No, He won’t hurt me, but who’s going to clean up my underpants”?


Did you see the one where he cleaned up clogged sewerage from an underground tank in San Francisco with all the cockroaches and rats?


I’ve seen em all.

I think the best one was the look of terror when he went up against the ostriches.


Did they bury their heads in his . . . uhm . . . sand?