A Philips TV Of Your Choosing

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A Philips TV Of Your Choosing
$179.99 + $5 Standard Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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13 Reviews (at least for the 32) on Amazon. Personally, I’ve always had great experience with Phillips products.

3.0 out of 5.0 stars on the 40" LCD (40PFL3705D) over at amazon


Phillips is getting out of consumer electronics. So not sure how long will be supported

well that sucks. I have a 42in tv of thiers.

Are you talking about this? Sounds like they’re partnering but not leaving.

So, would the 32" with NetTV be a good choice for a spare room? My Mom is looking for a 32" TV for the spare bedroom for me and my Aunt to use when we visit. She has wifi and a Netflix/Amazon account we can use, and basic cable in there. Thoughts? $199 seems like a good deal here.

I have the 32’ and its vg. I looked all over for 2 things…a headset plugin and an on/off sw. This had it!
If I had it to do over Id buy the net tv.

Price of the LCD 40" is your best bet. $299 for 40" not bad. $199 for a 32" is close to $230 new price for 32" 1080p at Fred Meyer. Go with the 40"

Oh, but the $$$ you’ll save on your electric bill by investing in an LED…

Product page for the 32PFL4507

including manual


and manual:





Page for 40PFL4706


Good night, good weekend y’all.

My advice and experience with Philips products…
Run… Don’t walk… But run as fast and as far as you can from this and other products from Philips…
Seriously… From bad design to terrible execution… They are one of the worst manufacturers on the planet…

Hey woot, what’s the point in selecting a screen size when the specific model selection below it is the only pertinent piece of information? Each model is tied to one and only one screen size, making the initial selection unnecessary.

Here are new RCA TV’s at Walmart priced about the same.


So this is not a deal.

Actually Philips is the largest consumer electronic/appliance mfg in Europe. Their mid-upper end TV are top notch and competes with the best; unfortunately they bowed out of the USA market because of the cut throat pricing and only kept their entry level TV here. I have one of their mid grade tv and the detail/sharpness looks like a photograph. LIke their Saeco cappuccino and sonic toothbrushes…no problems at all.

I purchased the 32" NetTV at costco for 269.99 and it works out really well for my extra room. It is not real fast bringing up some of the apps but it is a tv so i did not expect it to be my primary web device. Bottom line i spent 70 dollars more and still happy.

I would personally go with a 32" LED over a 40" LCD any day. The difference is quite noticeable. The LED pic is superior, and I’ll never go back to LCD. I have a 29" LED (diff. brand) which has a remarkably better picture than my previous 32" LCD.

A few inches isn’t much to give up for this. It’s one case (ok, an exception really) where “bigger isn’t always better.” :wink:

The LED is only the backlight…
Has nothing to do with the LCD…

The LED does nothing to improve your picture quality. All it is is a backlight. You still have a LCD screen on a LED TV. The advantage to LED TVs are savings in electric.
That being said - Philips - Yikes! Ever wonder why they have so much refurb equipment?