A Phone Call From Woot

I am glad to see it was discounted to $1 :slight_smile: I am interested to hear about it from the people that purchase.

Does the call end in a link to buy a boc?

I’ll be in the air returning home during these hours. Can I reschedule my call? I #BlameAmy.

Where in my account do I set my phone number?

$1 is a price I will pay. I bought one. Will report back after I receive my call

So, Do I have to pay tax on this? the extra 6 cents would be a deal breaker for me.

Never did I think I’d be charged $0.07 tax in order to receive a phone call.

Updated with google voice # - will let it go to voicemail

under your account “shipping & payments settings”

Do I want it to go to VM That is the question… Hmmm

Are your employees hired for the sweetness of their voices? Are they smoother than Dr. Slinky McVelvet, inventor of the word “mellifluous?”

cleared my voice mailbox. Maybe they’ll take all of the money they make from this and give it to charity. OR just get a keg and have a party. Either way, I’m in for one!

Step 1: Purchase $1 phone call.
Step 2: Unlock Free Shipping!
Step 3: Profit by not profiting

Can you offer free shipping for this purchase, please?

Yeah, I noticed I ended up with free shipping thanks to the Krampus Egg event, which already had free shipping.

Lucky ducks.


I am actually not sure how I got free shipping on this now, I don’t think I’ve bought anything recently aside from the balsamic on Wine.

Also this is a service which should not have sales tax on it. Please refund me $0.09 please.

Also if it’s a voicemail do we still get a story or is the story.

Once upon a time a Woot! Employee tried to call a Wooter to deliver Christmas cheer. Unfortunately he did not answer so he got this lousy voice message instead. Bah Humbug! The End.