A place to appreciate Woot Staff and Moderators

I have not see a place devoted to showing our appreciation to the folks that help run this wonderful impulse shopping community. Not just for the fact that they help keep us supplied with some real crappy deals but they also clean up all the poo that gets flung around by the haters and trolls. I’m still relatively new to this neighborhood but there is one moderator/staff member imparticular that I have noticed seems to get really buried in it whenever we have a “block party” event.
I will start off the tread and please don’t be shy. Leave your you little token showing appreciation.


I wanted to start off by thanking @ThunderThighs for putting on that Woot Hazmat suit and taking whatever crap flies at you. You really get down in it so we can keep fighting for our very own Bags of Crap.
I hope they see this cause it will not let me tag.


Cool thanks


I absolutely agree, ThunderThighs is the best. She keeps this place going and doesn’t get even remotely enough credit for all she does.


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