A Plethora of Pyle Bluetooth Stuff

Does anyone know anything about the Pyle PHBT3E Flexible Sports Wrap Around Bluetooth Headphones?

No reviews on Amazon, and I’m somewhat wary of buying from a brand that is so often on Woot.

i just got these and am pretty happy with them…


Would love to get some user feedback on the bicycle speaker. Is it a handy and functional accessory, or just a meh sort of gadget?

Thanks – those look nice, but they also look heavy for behind-the-ear headphones… How do they feel, after wearing them for extended periods? And how is the microphone quality when making calls?

Does the Splash 2 portable speaker have a loop for hanging like the splash 1 did?

Edit: I found the manual on Pyle’s site. It DOES have a loop for hanging.

Can you skip songs on the bicycle speaker? Do you press the call button multiple times?

Anybody have any more info on the Pyle PT595AUBT 5.1 receiver? Googling around I can’t find a single review, or even a pic of the back/inputs. Still, it may be exactly what I need. Anyone know if it’s worth a damn?

Just what I needed - a clock to go with my wireless outdoor bluetooth speakers. I hope Pyle comes out with a meat slicer, with bluetooth and a clock. I am awaiting the day!!

That bike 3-in-1 Speaker/Light/Battery pack (boost your phone a bit with its 2300 mAh cell) looks mighty handy.

I’d feel a lot better buying it if credible (or any at all) reviews were to be found regarding its sound quality. 'Not expecting hifi from that little speaker, but still…

BTW, at $35 + $5 shipping it comes in $4.50 less than at mothership Amazon ($44.51)… and lower than any credible source coming up on google.

For a laugh, a Walmart storefront vendor wants $115 for it?!?!

Regarding the Hands Free FM Radio Car Transmitter. Has anyone in medium/large cities had any luck with these, or this one in particular? In my experience, they’re nice when driving out in the country many miles away from a larger city’s plethora of radio stations. But in town I really can’t get them to work. I’ve tried several over the years. I’d love to find one that works for me but maybe I just need to get a Bluetooth car stereo instead.

I’ve gotten a few speakers from them and they work great. You can tell from their product line they are committed to making functional and affordable products

Can you activate Siri via the shower speaker phone? Like to text someone back? LOL crazy I know but hey it would be cool right?

Depends on whether you are out to enjoy nature and it’s own sounds or need to have your inside music with you at all times. I vote for the birdsong and not annoying others.

I have found some that work okay after figuring out which station to tune into. You are better off getting a $100 pioneer headunit with bluetooth and usb.

Looks like you can’t get a good angle from the speaker and the light at the same time.

Does anyone know if any of the waterproof speakers can be paired to multiple phones?

I’m looking at the shower speakers and the Surf Sound Party speakers. But I’m concerned that since multiple people use that shower, I don’t have to have to re-pair it every time.



They’re not heavy and super comfortable…love them

I have these: http://tech.woot.com/offers/stereo-bluetooth-nc-headphones-w-mic-10?ref=cnt_wp_0_18

I use them at the gym & got them for my workout buddies as well. They can be a bit tight to begin w/ but loosen over time (no so much that they feel loose). I don’t recomend them for wearing a long time & the sound quaility isn’t great but it is sufficent for getting in the zone while at the gym.

Please note they are not water/sweatproof. If you want a nice pair of Bluetooth for wearing all day get something else.

I received the 3-in1 Waterproof Bluetooth Bicycle Speaker today. I haven’t charged it up yet, but according to the manual the +/- buttons skip tracks (ahead/behind) and holding the button down adjusts volume.

Sorry to be a week late with your answer! Maybe these will be sold again…