A Powerful Pulley It Is

A powerful winner you have, Wan Shoo Off Kenobi! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

“He’s more machine now than man…”

Will someone please explain and verify that the math checks out?

“I don’t believe it!”

Well my physical science is way rusty, I’m not even sure if it was physical science or some math class that dealt with pulleys, but, I think there is a mechanical advantage to the pulley system. It does increase the force applied it and also redirects it since there is one “movable” pulley and the others are fixed. The movable may give a mechanical advantage but I don’t know the math, maybe increases force by 25% ??? Any physics folks able to chime in?
OK that said I love it. In for one.

Thanks all! Excited to be up there. As far as the math/physics, when I was working on this, I saw it as Luke’s notes while he’s trying to figure out how to follow Yoda’s directions. So the math checks out but in order to make it work he’s got to make some weird suppositions like “distance = 1/width” (which makes zero sense) or “distance = you.” So it’s solid, but silly, kinda like it’s predecessor.(http://shirt.woot.com/offers/volume)

They have at least one equation wrong. Fb should be divided by the (radius of degobah)^2

It’s clever…I would definitely share it on facebook, but I wouldn’t wear it because everyone would stare at me and then ask me to stand there and I’d have to hold my shirt planar so they could read it and it would be super awkward and then they’d chuckle slightly or they’d ask me to explain it and then the joke is dead. the information on a shirt should be easily taken in even if the message is subtle.


I like a busy, detailed, teeshirt design but not putting “Fb = … over radius squared” (as thattolleyguy also noticed) rather ruins it: too many people I see would spot that error immediately.

Shame, as the reading of “U” to “You” is a good gag.

By the way, the mechanical advantage is simply 2 (ignoring friction in the pulleys) so Fa = Fb / 2.

Why oh why is the force so weak.

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