A Question For T-Shirt Wearers/Lovers

A friend has asked for my help in finding a Frankie Valli/Four Seasons t-shirt. She is going to a concert in September and would like to wear one to the concert. I’ve only been able to find one (I Love Frankie Valli) shirt and was wondering if any of you had any thoughts as to where she might find any others?

Thanks, in advance.

Did you check eBay?


I know its kinda pathetic…

Hey, thanks a bunch. It is better than the one I found and I think my friend will like it, too!!

My friend like them, a lot, and ordered two. One for her and one for her sister. Thanks, again!!

I met Frankie Avalon in the Kona, Hawaii airport… actually, I physically muscled by him since I was trying to get out of the little minimart and he was blocking the exit reading a paper. Poor guy had just gotten off a huge cruise ship and was flying home. “Hi, we’re going to Hawaii, wanna come and sing? Once we get there, you go home though”.

no problem!