A Question for the Tech Savy


My lovely 46 inch Sony LCD has been making crackling noises that I can’t get rid of. I have a hd cable box and a dvd hooked up. There is no noise when playing a dvd. Tried changing the input spots for the cable box but it still crackles. I am thinking of getting some high end component cables to see if that will help. I looked on the Sony troubleshooting sight but there is nothing on there dealing with my problem. Anyone have any reasonable suggestions?


long time, no see. How is your cable box connected to the TV – HDMI cable or component? I have seen similar problems if you have cheap HDMI cables wrapped around each other as they head to their respective devices. My guess is that the shielding is to thin and they were generating a voltage change via electromagnetic induction.


Hey J,
They are component cables. I don’t remember if they came with the tv or the cable box. After crackling non-stop for 2 days it has stopped again. Either way they probably are the cheap stuff.