A Quiet Place to Read

As an avid reader myself, I approve of this shirt. Also, the rabbit is adorable :3

Community did it! http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m90qlxQwHZ1qigojro1_1280.jpg

Punderful Illustration, Fellow Spirit!

Beautiful illo man, seriously.
Warren, PA, Represent!!!

I can’t really read the author’s name. Is it “Lago Morph”?

What the heck does this write-up have to do with anything?

How is it holding the book & carrot… bunnies don’t have thumbs!

Warren Peace is a good pun, but he should be reading “Watership Down!!”

Comfy, with a dose of cozy colors and a dash of pun : )

or watching it on youtube.

It’s a Punny world we live in… :wink:

I am mostly highly amused to no end over that write up. HAH! And also groan >.< Good job woot writers.

What’s that you say? I’m supposed to notice the cute bunny shirt for sale? Fine, but I want someone to tell me who the author is on that Warren Peace book there, I can’t make it out.

Beautiful peace, love this.

i would buy the heck out of 2 of these in adult size and one in child size for my son if the rabbit had a look of abject dejection and horror, and there were a very thick pair of glasses with shattered lenses lying on the floor.

as it is, there are way to many ‘nerd chic’ shirts on woot these days. there used to be cool artistic ones, pithy and cerebral, and now it’s all base ‘nerd humor’. lame internet jokes and stuff. as somebody said - community did it.

Either that or Redwall.

I would buy the shirt you are describing in an instant!

As it is not interested in today’s shirt. I love books and bunnies but this illustration just isn’t doing it for me.

i did digging on the facebook page and found a link: http://www.infinitywave.net/aquietplace-painting.jpg

the author of the book is: lago tolstoy.

I am a crazy bunny lady who also loves to read. I have bought 3 of these for myself and some of my bunny-crazy friends.

Amazingly polished illustration for a shirt Spiritgreen. The realistic style is nicely subverted by the punny rabbit’s reading material.

Love Redwall (and the other books in the series I’ve read). I’d snatch it up in a heartbeat if it was Redwall!