A Quiet Place to Read

Super cute! Just to explain (it took me a while to get it ^^;), the author is Lago Tolstoy (instead of Leo, obv) and Lago is Greek for rabbit. Mystery solved! ^^

I am so glad to see a rabbit that looks realistic and not cartoonish. This design is so totally cute for spring, for readers, for bunny fans, for punny fans, heck, for anyone!!
Congratulations on a wonderful design, spiritgreen!

Hey, thanks for the nice comments!

This is the first time I’ve approached a design as a digital painting. It’s my 30th Woot print so I was feelin’ ambitious. :^)

See a BIG version here.

This shirt is awesome at many levels. The color combination works really well, and the digital painting look is really well integrated. A really peaceful and beautiful illustration, Matt. Glad they have printed it!:smiley:

Never before have I seen vegetables portrayed as a fine cognac.

Very effective use of palette here. Refreshing.

LOVE the pun. War & Peace is one of my favorite books, so I’d love to read the rabbit version. Adorable design. :slight_smile:

Every bunny was kung fu fighting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pk28__1LnZs

(props to Mayyyasmith)

how did this ugly shirt win?

As someone mention before, Community did the Warren Piece bit before, so my first reaction was that the creator Britta’d it, but I do like the addition of Lugo Tolstoy :slight_smile:

I’d love to buy this beautiful design for my nieces, but Woot says this bunny is a super hero and the girls don’t like those!


If I had the money available I’d buy one. As to the question why, well…

“She will remember your heart when men are fairy tales in books written by rabbits.”

I do not like this shirt.

I know it will not get here before Easter, but my son will love it just the same. This shirt describes him perfectly.

I looked up the book watership down that would be awesome if he was reading that! but I don’t understand the pun in the bunny reading Warren Peace; i googled Warren peace and i got either the disney character from the movie sky high or a musical dancer can you help explain it to me I’m genuinely curious

It’s a play on the very long book War and Peace, because a rabbit lives in a warren.

I don’t think he’d be so relaxed if he was reading Watership Down. Traumatized, maybe. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks again to everyone for the cool posts, and thank you Woot for trying out something a bit different.

A warren is a community of rabbits.

That was my thought exactly. Watership Down is a really creepy book.
I guess this is your design so congrats are in order! I like the pun and I like the books and I like the bunny (I am sooo sophisticated :wink:

I’m curious about your process for this. You say you started it as a digital painting. Did you you still work with different color layers? I think of paintings more one (or at least) few layers. May be my lack of experience thought. I’ve only done just the basic stuff in Photoshop.

That’s right, I only used one ink color on each layer, they appear to blend together as you paint, but you’ve got to keep them separate so you can halftone them at the end. Just make sure you don’t paint more than two colors (plus the brown of the shirt) in the same space.

I had more than six layers overall though. For instance it was useful to have several white layers for different parts of the bunny and another for white highlights on the carrots and the furniture. Various brown layers for the wood of the shelves, the table, the earth walls. That kind of thing.

It sounds more complicated than just using six layers altogether, but I feel it gives you more freedom to alter one element by itself until you’re happy with it. This was pretty much the first time I’ve tried digital painting anything though, outside of Art Academy 3DS(!). :^)