A Random End of Summer Clearance Event

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3 sweatshirts and 2 long sleeves for $19?! YES PLEASE

Can you believe they have random AA long sleeve shirts for $2?!?!

Not anymore, they don’t.

I always miss out on the long sleeves and hoodies. :\

The sales on the 3 different sites are different, so check out the link on the main woot page and the shirt.woot sale page as well. There may still be some random hoodies available.

I wish the dog shirts weren’t blank. My dog really needs a woot shirt to fit in.

Can someone please explain the difference between AA shirts and Anvil shirts? I’ve purchased quite a few random t-shirts, but I never noticed what kind of shirts they were. Also, is there a way for me to check if my previously purchased random shirts are Anvil or AA?

Check the tag on your shirt(s). If it was made in USA, it’s AA; Honduras/Nicaragua for Anvil. Before you buy, the details/sizing chart on the shirt page always says where the shirt blank was manufactured.

In my experience, Anvil is a little thicker than AA and also has a less fitted look, at least if you’re looking at women’s sizes. The sizing is a bit less consistent, but since they’re looser, I haven’t noticed any issues while wearing.

Hello Sellout.Woot! Please note any of our randoms will not begin shipping until 9/22!

Thank you very much! That information is extremely helpful. It looks like I have all Anvil shirts except two and I definitely like the looser fit in the women’s shirts. I love the random shirts because they are soft, 100% cotton, and unique. Plus, they are great conversation starters since people comment on and ask me about them all the time. Thanks again for the quick response.

Ditto! I have been wishing and hoping for a pet hoodie sale (even a random one), but nothing. My newest rescue could really use a sweet woot hoodie to take some attention from his street-ruffian-scarred face.

Anyone else notice this?

Woot- “The ‘DESIGNS’ are random, is what we mean. The end of summer was fairly predictable.”

If the shirts are BLANK how are the DESIGNS random???

I am sad they have no print, I missed out on the random sticker pack. :frowning:

No blank stickers? :frowning:

The last time I bought random shirts, it was a five pack. I bought two five packs and ended up with two IDENTICAL five packs… At least a couple of them were designs I will wear in daylight, though.

What gives woot? O.o

‘Hello,Thank you for taking the time to e-mail us. We appreciate Our return policy is a bit different from most other retailers, and can be found on our FAQ (www.woot.com/faq). Please email us if you have any questions or concerns regarding a recent purchase, and we’ll be happy to help. Unfortunately, it has been at least 21 Days since you purchased.Regards,WadeWoot Member Services’
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Topic: Where’s the stuff I bought?Order #48501990Order Date: Apr 21, 2014Never shipped posters or journals:(

Question: if I buy the random poster 3 pack… will woot SHIP ME THE POSTERS?!?

Oh wow, I’m really sorry. There shouldn’t be any issue this time around.

Some are hiding here. Limit 5 per customer. :slight_smile:

Did you get yours this time? I bought the random posters on 9/10 and got an email this week they’re “unable to fulfill the posters in order” :frowning:

Am I losing my mind? My shirts came, but I got two and thought I’d ordered 6. Why did I think the AA tri-blend womens’ tanks were three packs?