A Rose by Any Other Page

I’m really digging the 2-D to 3-D design!
Kudos and great print!

This concept is proof that sometimes mistakes can be beautiful new designs.

Awesome job, Ski! I knew this would print!

Congrats, Ski! A well placed victory! And by place, I mean the best place :D.

I suck at puns…

Beautiful win!

This is absolutely gorgeous.


Great job! Great job voters too. By the way, Woot Lords, the Derby link in the writeup goes to the wrong derby.

[UPDATE: And fixed]

Derby link is broke (it goes to 197).

didn’t really take a close look at this one in the derby; glad I am now. Nicely delicate with the sense that the bird might start to hover above the page at any moment.

This design is so awesome. It really pops out at you. Pun and compliment rolled into one.

that… is pretty sweet.

no words. love love love.

(this makes me wanna say “screw origami! I’m gonna learn how to artfully crumple up paper instead!”)

Wow. Just wow. That’s so beautiful. Congratulations ski.

woohoo, I even like the humming bird addition.

Please some one explain the right up, How does a Norse pop group relate to a rose?

Awesome. This design has a very M.C. Escher style to it, and probably the same artistry as well. Great job, Skirochester!

Proud to be the 1st to pick one up, here…

My mom will love her birthday present once it arrives! I know she will love this design, I’m glad it won! Grats! =)

This is also a tremendous use of white on a cream-colored shirt.

That is all.

for the colorblind people

Red are my roses
Blue is my sky
I’m a schizophrenic
And so am I

It’s a reference to the video from the Norwegian band A-Ha’s song Take On Me (literal music video version linked in another comment above)

Love the hummingbird’s startled look.

Accidental origami is awesome origami.

I’m one of those people who use their scratch paper for origami paper. This is a great design!