A Rotten Prognosis

Dr. Pepper makes the world taste better!

Haha…Dr. Pepper

So what’s keeping Dr. Pepper’s glasses up?

This is how Lowly Worm from Busytown goes car shopping.

The worm must have known that he was having his picture taken - he’s smiling.

Congrats, Walmazan on the win! I can see the writeup being used as a great storyline for a food soap opera. :smiley:

Yes finally walmazan! In for 1! Quite relieved, I was starting to worry I’d have to wait for a double take derby.

Congrats Wences!

“I and my staff have reviewed all your tests” ??? Who did the write up, Elmo?

Worms aren’t detected on an X-ray, but with an apple strudel sample.

Wouldn’t you like to be a pepper, too?

Is anyone else disturbed by this design? How awful would it be to find out you have a tapeworm? Now, imagine finding out there is a massive worm in your body that is literally eating your insides and will eventually consume all of you.

Oh, god.

Walmazan’s on a delicious food roll! Congrats, this is a fantastic concept :D.

What’s worse than finding a worm in your apple?


Great work again, WA, but how does the doc keep the glasses from falling off? Oh, Apple has an app for that.

So, does the apple have a tapeworm, or is she pregnant?

I might be thinking too hard about this, but the alarmed-looking individual seems to be a tomato… so is he a friend of the apple?

Is that Dr Pepper?!

(~Bell pepper that is)

Looking at the vote counts … only 31 votes separated first and third places in this derby. That is a very close voting differential … perhaps even the closest it’s ever been.