A+ SAFETY Portable Fire Extinguisher 4 PACK

A+ SAFETY Portable Fire Extinguisher 4 PACK


I have not purchased these, I have been a firefighter for 30 years.

My first warning is that these are water based yet every bit of information on grease/oil warns against using water. Using water on a grease/oil fire will spread the fuel either by pushing it or boiling the water violently causing the grease/oil to spread out.

Water and electricity don’t mix. Don’t use this for any electrical fires.

Every home should have a RATED fire extinguisher on every floor.

These are not rated.
I can only imagine these maybe putting out a small waste basket fire. I would rather spend the same amount and get a good extinguisher.

Instead of having four small ineffective cans of water scattered around the house that you have to gather up, one extinguisher you can quickly reach that is rated for A B C fires(LOOK at the link up there ^)


All of the 4/5-star reviews are all: “fits nicely in my car, hope I don’t have to use it.”

XKCD tornado warning app comic comes to mind.

In all fairness, if you scroll long enough you may find 2-3 that say they actually did. (I saw 2 used on cars, 1 on the side of a house under construction.)

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As a fire and life safety professional please do not buy these.


My thoughts exactly!

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