A Separate Peace

This is true for everyone who tries to wake me up. Except my cats. They can do whatever they want! But any person wakes me up…they better look out! :wink:


Thank you all who voted, and my wife for giving me the initial idea! Can’t wait to get the nightshirt :slight_smile:

Man this is a great shirt. Too bad I don’t really want to walk around looking like a hippie since most people aren’t going to be able to get the joke unless I wander into a dark room. Still think it’s well executed.

HA! Brilliant!! I might need to get one in a very large size and then use it as a nightshirt!!

Don’t forget you can use it in places where there will be blacklights!

From a distance it appears to have two lungs on it (space with no writing). And they are also Black Lungs. And visible in the periphery is “Peace Imagine Life Youth Overcome”.
This shirt is complex on many levels, and maybe a good choice for yet another subliminal message for, say, a smoker???

I interpret it as less don’t wake me from a sleep but more as a don’t wake me from a dazed sorta peaceful living in my own world stupor. Or as the hippie might say, “Leave me view the world through my rose colored glasses, man and all will be peace and chill, man. But like, woah, don’t wake me from my dream, dude. Reality bites. It brings out my violent tendencies, man. You wouldn’t like me violent, man. Maybe you’d like me violet though. Woah. I gotta try that.”

Yes, my grasp of hippie lingo mostly comes from movies. So if it’s really bad, blame the movies.

Most of my Woot shirts are night shirts anyway. I should wear this the next time we have guests stay over.

This should totally come in a onesie, btw.

As soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it. I’m all about the peace, love and tolerance for everyone, but I’m also a mom of two that needs her sleep when I can get it. Thank you so much for this. It’s like you read my mind. Or bugged my house…

Wow, I was really impressed until I saw the second message–then I was totally impressed. :slight_smile:

I haven’t brought a glow in the dark before. Do they need total darkness? Do the images overlap in changing light or is the change quick?

Thanks to anyone who can answer.

Ordered a M3XL because I wanted a huge nightshirt. Oh man this shirt is great.

I want this shirt, but you don’t carry extended sizes. This is yet another purchase that I cannot make. :frowning: I would have looked good in it, too.

It is a quick change. As soon as you turn off the lights you will only see the glow in the dark words. Also, it needs to be pretty dark with the glow in the dark ink. If you are in Brit lights before turning the out, the dark will glow brighter.

Great for the Occupy Wall Street hipster who sleeps on park benches in your family!

I voted for this in the 1st derby - really glad to see that it finally won! Congrats!!

The write up for this one is incredibly on point. To 98% of society, you’re wearing a peace sign shirt. And even then, it’s kind of hard to make out that it’s a peace sign. They’ll never see that there’s a joke.

And for the other 2%, the joke only makes sense if the wearer is actually sleeping. And then it won’t be visible if it’s not under any covers.

Maybe when that target audience member wakes up, she could ask the person watching her sleep if he liked her shirt.


me too, too bad I am currently out of funds to be able to purchase it now