A Shameless Plug

Let me be the first to GROANNNNN. Well played, Mr. Palmer. Well played.

“Tonight on Drains Gone Wild!”

Shouldn’t this have gone on sale on Punday?

Drains Gone Wild: Leaky Faucet Edition

pun.woot strikes again… and again.

Ok, it made me laugh… but would never be able to wear this in public.


a shameless pacifier

C’mon, Woot, where’s the NSFW tag?

The quality of the shirts this week has really been spiraling downward. Whether that spiral is clockwise or counter clockwise may or may not be dependent on your present location.

That plug isn’t shameless… it’s just a whore.

So by taking off her bra… we have the chance to buy a t-shirt that should be her t-shirt for taking it off… I’m confused…

damn… 10 seconds too slow. damn wireless.

Maybe I’ll buy one for Heidi Montag, Queen of the Shameless Plug.

Those are some weird-colored safety goggles…

Oh wait.

Based on the shape of that top, the view from above would have been just as shameless.

Looks like she’s into body piercings with that metal bit hanging from her belly button.

That’d better be at least an eighteen-year-old plug, or somebody’s in big trouble.

Quite embarrassing - your text is showing.