A shirt shipped on 8/31 with regular Smartpost.

Still haven’t got it.

This normal?


okay so around tomorrow it’ll be about 9ish business days

i leave for school on monday morning :frowning:
i hopefully get it by then

you might but it can be really slow.

Are you tracking it?

erh, no, all it says is that the carrier’s left or something, it’s in the USPS’s hands now

i have one that i bought on the 30th. it shipped on the 6th. it currently shows that for the last 2 days it has been sitting in a PO half an hour from me. tracking is unreliable with smart post! i think they meant to call it “slow” post but some marketer probably said change it to “smart” post. we know better though :wink:

and we know what they say about the PO right?

Smartpost is smart for Woot (cheaper). You can’t track it and it takes longer than Fedex. Also things purchased during a Wootoff can take a bit longer as well. I just received my last Wootoff Item yesterday.

ok so mine (the one i was talking about above) got here today. who wants tacos?

ooh, some of those grilled steak soft tacos from Taco Bell?

what’s in them besides skirt steak?

the way i get them, cheese and some sort of sauce, then i add a packet of their “fire sauce”… i think ordinarily they come with lettuce and tomato, but that just seems to water down the flavor…

edit: and the steak is still better than the regular ground beef…


my heart hurts now. why did you bring this forward?