A Simple Question Heather Remix

How many mechanics classes did you take to make you this kind of an expert?

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I don’t dare wear this shirt in public, because I have no idea what your guys are talking about.

Just want the Monty Python reference.


Enough aeronautical engineering classes to know that a bird cannot create thrust. Unless it has a JATO bottle attached.

jpl jato GIF by NASA

Aeronautical engineering and they didn’t teach dimensional analysis?

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Birds do not create thrust

I didn’t say they did. I said thrust is a force and even if it’s mislabeled it is still a force in that diagram, not power.

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Thrust is incorrect. Good day, sir. Good day.

You are indeed brave, sir knight, but the fight is mine!

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My neighbor is an award winning NASA engineer. I would ask him but I don’t think he would entertain a question about what’s the correct term to use for this t-shirt.

I’ll be sure to let everyone know if I work up the courage to ask him.

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LOL I have no idea what the force for the climb angle c might be called here. Darnwootin might be correct that it shouldn’t be labeled as “thrust” but I have no idea what you call forward bird force.
If I were dong it I just would probably call it Fc and be done. Don’t really care about the force labels. I did notice the rho’s (density) look too much like a “p” in some of the equations though.

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