A Snowball's Chance

Great comic book cover feel (if they were bold enough to print on all red) and darn if he doesn’t look like he’s got a fighting chance. Yep. Liking it. A lot.

I’m loving the Doom reference. :3

For those who are confused, it’s a mashup of the “snowball’s chance” cliché and the original box art for the PC game Doom:

I like his odds.

I guess Winter got this idea from when Hell froze over…

When pigs fly!
When the sun will rise in the west.
When Easter falls in May.
When money grows on trees!

I am still waiting for the last one.

Wait, is he throwing pieces of himself as ammo? 0_o

Outstanding take on an adage/proverb. Seriously, one of the best ever.

Very nice, but would have liked it more without the text.

+1. Better to ‘discover’ it on your own. Regardless, great design.

Wait so does the snowball replace the BFG 9000 or does it add another weapon above it?

What makes this shirt ten times better? IT ISN’T PRINTED ON BLACK! HOORAY!!!

Reminds me of the final scene in The One.

The sad thing is, after finally fighting his way through hell, we will discover he was doing it the whole time for his pet bunny… Daisy…

Kind of lessens the impact…


Cool shirt!

A snowball in hell is a test to see what you do when faced with certain defeat. It’s a snow-win scenario. A kind of Koba-icy Maru, if you will.

It’s a very cool shirt. It works as a neat reference but also as its own thing.

Daisy was a good bunny.

Seriously, I really want to play this game.

I wish shirt.woot would let you choose what color shirt you wanted. I would have preferred this design on a black shirt. It is just too red for my taste. I wonder how logistically possible that would be?