A Strange Country

Amazing artwork. Kudos.

He’s finally back!

I would love to see a series! Donkey on the Ostrich! Donkey on the Frog!

A commuter’s nightmare… after a long session at the barrels ; )

Explanation Please & Thank you!

Glorious video game series. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/c/c1/Dkc_snes_boxart.jpg

Latest game recently came out for the Wii U.

I love this scratchy style

DKC! One of my favorite console games of all time.

DK can also run left! That’s bananas.
I find this reimagined pair very appealing, especially with the colour accents.

If I ignore the tie, can I pretend this is a Transformers Beast Wars shirt?

Congrats on the print spirit green! looks wild!

AWESOME- I recently pulled the hard drive out of my old computer and have been using it with my wiiu just so I could play the newest Kong game-

Love the style Matt-

Ima gonna just leave this here-


He was always able to run back and forth in DKC! It just only feels natural to move to the right or else you don’t progress.

Just as long as Candy Kong doesn’t get the same reimagining. Some anthropomorphic apes should stay that way.

I don’t know dick about video games. I loved this shirt until I learned that it means something to somebody. Can’t things just be incongruous anymore? Think Ninja on a Bicycle

Do they all have to refer to video games? I went a couple of years loving “The Cake is a liar” without having any clue about whatever video game it’s from.


Man,that’s a great point. Keep Woot! weird!!!

This might be favorite write-up in a very long time.

Huge thanks to Woot for printing this. Thanks everyone the nice comments on the art! (an experimental blend of sketch and stencil style)

So who all is enjoying some Tropical Freeze action? Pretty amazing game. It almost makes you forget about the DK Rap. Almost.

::squints at Oakenspirit::

As stated elsewhere, this shirt is great. No need to wear fancy collared polos to work anymore!