A Taste of Chocolate (4)

A Taste of Chocolate 4-Flavor Variety Box
$32.99 $49.00 33% off List Price
A Taste of Chocolate 4-Flavor Variety Box, includes–
(1) Milk Chocolate Pretzel Bites, 4 oz. net weight
(1) Milk Chocolate Covered Cherries, 4 oz. net weight
(1) Milk Chocolate Covered Blueberries, 4 oz. net weight
(1) Milk Chocolate Caramel Flurtles,12 oz. net weight


I had the chocolate covered fruits from an earlier sale and wished I had purchased more than I did. They were yummy!

You can never have to much chocolate.

Did anyone see the preview picture and think the box and ribbon was a sexy female’s midriff in a purple bikini? Oh. Me either.

I so hope this chocolate ends up in my stocking!

Does anyone know how these will ship? It is still pretty warm in my part of California and would hate to purchase these and find them partially melted when delivered.

Not Candy Basket, and milk chocolate.

Change your white block’s color and put some in another’s stocking. Just a suggestion. :slight_smile:

I actually have another account where I do my purchasing. I was a customer before I worked here. :slight_smile: I may just order some for a couple people though!

the flurtles are to die for! haven’t had the other items.

Wow Woot, contains trans fat, pretty much the worst industrial ingredient known to man. What ever happened to “gourmet?”

Click the “specs” tab. They have zero trans fat.

Yes I saw the same thing and thought I was CRAZY!!!


but you can have too much *milk

  • chocolate.


Actually it has partially hydrogenated palm kernel oil. Partially hydrogenated makes it a trans fat. Palm kernel oil is the only saturated fat that stays liquid at room temperature, which makes it really bad for us. So we actually have a trans saturated fat. The reason they list zero is that it is a small amount, but it is still in there.

I thought it was a pregnant belly with a purple ribbon on it. I thought that an odd way to sell chocolate.

Hey look! It ships to all the states! Well, 48 of them anyway.

What’s up with MILK chocolate??? Does anyone over 14 eat milk chocolate?

I’m over 14 (for the record, Wine.Woot, I’m over 21) and I don’t eat milk chocolate. I’ll occasionally do “deep milk” chocolate. Or the ever popular “dark milk” chocolate, but really if it’s less than 50% cocoa, I’m less than 50% interested.

Unless I’m desperate. Sadly for Woot, I’m not that desperate since I’m still enjoying the Debbas wine-filled dark chocolates that were on here a few weeks ago. Thank you, Woot! Thanks again!