A Taste of Chocolate

Sweet Dipped Fruit 2-Pack
$33.99 $54.99 38% off List Price

Morsels, More Morsels 5-Pack
$33.99 $45.99 26% off List Price

Barking Almonds 2-Pack
$29.99 $38.00 21% off List Price

The Grand Plan 7-Pack
$59.99 $99.99 40% off List Price

Apricots in chocolate- Yum.
Orange peels ??? nevermind.

Managed to track down the chocolatier site: http://www.atasteofchocolate.com/

wine woot offered flurtles last year by a taste of chocolate - they were delicious!

would highly recommend this vendor - wish they had the flurtles again under this offering!

We did include an 8-oz ballotin of Flurtles in “The Grand Plan”, along with apricots and dark almond bark. So glad you enjoy them.

thanks for pointing out that the flurtles are in the grand plan package but i’m not a big fan of dark chocolate or of chocolate covered fruit. if just the flurtles had been offered, i would have been all over that and have purchased multiples!

Flurtles? Thanks a lot, annwat. Now not only am I eyeing the chocolate covered java beans, but I’m also curious about the flurtles. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe i’ll have to trip over to the site.

Oh, why did I have to look here. I’m still working on the flurtles from the most recent woot sale. I must have some of the apricots and bridge mix. And I know how easy those blueberries are to down. Too much good stuff.

FWIW, I’ve had these on my desk for the last few days. Tried the orange peels and they’re VERY good. The flavor is definitely reminiscent of those Chocolate Oranges you’ll find this time of year. The fruit peel gives it more of a candy texture.

The orange peels are sweet Italian glace slivers, and along with the chocolate, have a rich cordial taste. They make an excellent decorative addition to any after dinner drink, coffee, or tea.

Anyone received a shipping notification for these yet ?

It’s only been 5 days…

Wine shipments (even non-wine) take a bit longer than shipments from our other sites. Allow at least 2-3 weeks.

The FAQ:

How long is shipment going to take?
You should get your wine in 2-3 weeks, often sooner. We know the wait is kind of a drag. But it’s still gonna taste good (maybe even better), and since we leave it to the wineries to get the wine to you, you can count on their experience to send their wine using their expert methodologies.